Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Katie and Elaine Taka Taka New York!

Last week while in New York for the photo shoot after a long day on set we decided to venture out for dinner. We stayed at The James Hotel in Soho (an awesome place to stay!) so there were many good places to eat within walking distance. A few blocks away we found somewhere called Taka Taka - Mexican Sushi & Japanese Tacos. We'd heard good things about this restaurant so we gave it a try.

First off - the drinks! Along with co-workers Kate and Jackie, we decided to get mojitos. Not too sure what they put in those drinks, but they were delicious - quite possibly one of the best mojito's any of us had ever had!

The cool thing about Taka Taka is that there was a conveyor belt with plates of sushi traveling throughout each table. Each plate had a number that you could reference from your menu to see what it was, then when the number you wanted went by you just grab and enjoy. On one of those nights where you are absolutely starved and just can not wait for the waitress to take your order, this would be the perfect place to go. The waitress just kept track of the numbers we grabbed off the conveyor belt and added them to our bill at the end.

The food combination's at this place were really interesting because they actually did combine some pretty unusual ingredients to create Mexican sushi and Japanese Tacos. We ended up eating tons of sushi and ordered lobster tacos. Everything was so good, and we left stuffed! This was probably the best meal we had all weekend - and the cheapest too! Although there is an endless number of restaurants to try in New York, Taka Taka is definitely somewhere we would go back to again and again!

Friday, July 20, 2012

A Bite-Sized Blog Post

Last week when Katie and I were in New York for the photo shoot, we were sent out to run a few errands. While walking around in Soho we came across a little cupcake stand called Little Cupcake Lover, a food card that carried bite-sized cupcakes for $1.50 each.

Katie decided to go with the peanut butter chocolate cupcake and I had the nutella mint. For $1.50 each we probably could have had at least 10 of these babies because they were so good! We decided against this because once we got back to the shoot we would have definitely felt like big fatties next to the super models. 

If you are ever in New York and are near the Victoria's Secret on Broadway you should check it out!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Summerland @ the LC

In case you haven't been able to tell by our lack of blog posts, the last month has been insane for Katie and Elaine - OK mostly for me. I spent some time in Boston for the HOW design conference, then I was in South Carolina visiting my sister, and between all of that Katie and I went to New York for a photoshoot. Anyways it's been crazy, but last week we finally got together again (outside of work - we do sit 3 feet from each other all day long) and went to the Summerland Concert Tour.

The bands at Summerland were: Marcy Playground, Everclear, Lit, Gin Blossoms and Sugar Ray. We only saw Lit, Gin Blossoms and Sugar Ray because we got there after Marcy Playground had already finished and we didn't really care about seeing Everclear. It was awesome! After what seemed like weeks of 100 degree days in Columbus, Ohio, we lucked out and had perfect weather. Gin Blossoms were AMAZING and sounded so good but Sugar Ray stole the show. Mark McGrath was hilarious and talked the entire time, also they played only the hits. It was like a time machine took us back to 1999 when we were just awkward junior high kids who thought we were cool.

It was a fun night and if you haven't been to an outdoor concert at the LC you need to go! As the lead singer of Gin Blossoms would say, this is going to be our new theory on life: "We have come here tonight to kick ass and chew bubble gum, and we're all out of bubble gum." So let's kick some ass.

Also for anyone who is interested... The Gin Blossoms sing a song called "Hey Jealousy" not to be confused with "Hey Penelope". One of us (who will not be named...) began to sing the wrong lyrics when they played that song. To prevent that from happening in the future, just wanted to clear the air. It is called "Hey Jealousy."