Friday, April 27, 2012

NASH-ATTACK! Girl's weekend in Nashville 2012

Last week Katie & Elaine traveled 6 hours away from our little Columbus home to take NASHVILLE! It feels like months ago we were randomly scouring for flights anywhere but Columbus because we needed a getaway. Well - we found flights to Nashville for $45, so Nashville it was! The planning had been going on for so long that when it finally came time to leave we were PUMPED! Our friends Michelle, Gillian, Krysti and Danie came along for the ride to help us take Nashville. We were only going to be there for less than 3 days - how much damage could we really do? 

The week before our trip was my birthday and the day after we arrived was Krysti's birthday - so basically we used that as an excuse to celebrate all weekend long. Our first day we explored close to our condo and went to the Opryland Hotel. In our future lives when we are trillion-billionaires we will stay there - it was so pretty! We ate at the Jack Daniel's restaurant - YUM! That night after some daytime pool time it was time to start the party. Girl's weekend was officially a go.

The morning of day 2 was spent by a few of us recovering from night 1. Michelle, Katie and I woke up at the crack of dawn only to hit the pool and take a nap. Sidenote - HAPPY BIRTHDAY KRYSTI! After mimosa's and breakfast we headed out to do some shopping in Hillsboro Village. Being graphic designers, of course we had to hit up the paper store, Social Graces. I think we all made at least one purchase then we had lunch at Boscos. They had live music playing while we ate - it was so Nashville of us. We also stopped at Pinkberry Yogurt on the way home - OMG YUM.

For Krysti's birthday we went on a ghost tour - not quite what we were expecting as it was more of a history lesson than getting scared, but either way we had a good time. Afterward it was time to find food and the on with round 2! We got ribs for the birthday girl then went to check out Tootsies. It wasn't really our crowd (full of old people). Unfortunately, from the moment we stepped off the plane, Krysti's allergies went crazy so she wasn't feeling good. Her and Danie went home but for Katie, Michelle and I the night was young. We wandered around for a while not really knowing where to go, so we decided to check out The Stage. Remix to Ignition, Purple Rain, What's Love Got to Do With it? - Oh boy were we in for a treat. We stayed there all night, got on stage TWICE, and rubbed elbows after the show with the band. GAAAHHH!

It was the best night - EVER. The next day the only thing on the agenda was to visit Hatch Show Print. We came, we bought lots and lots of screen prints, we left. We ate at a place called Burger Up - so good, kind of reminded all of us of North Star. Also, they carried Jeni's ice cream - what's not to love? Our last night wrapped up with going to the Mercy Lounge to watch 8 bands compete on the Road to Bonnaroo. The place was awesome and the music was fantastic! That night we also may or may not have met up with a certain keyboardist/guitarist/singer from the night before :) 

Hopefully this is the first of many girl's trips to come. Thanks Nashville it was real - we had a blast!

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