Monday, June 11, 2012

The Perfect Start to Summer

Last Friday night Katie and Elaine ventured out to the LC Pavilion to see Girl Talk! We went with our co-worker, and former blog guest, Brittany Kress and her best friend/maid of honor to be Emily. Brittany and Emily had seen Girl Talk in concert before, and Katie and as you know - I are always up for something new to do. For those of you who aren't familiar with Girl Talk, he is a DJ who creates remixes. He mixes together mostly current top 40 hits, but will throw in some oldies but goodies as well.

The concert was absolutely packed. If you have ever been to the LC, you know that there is an area where you can stand close to the stage or an area you can stand on up a hill. Most of the time, the area close to the stage turns into a mosh pit, and this concert was no exception. We chose to stand up on the hill because you could see more and you weren't in the middle of the craziness. (Also you were WAY closer to the beverage station.)

It was the perfect night for an outside concert, and as Katie said "It was the perfect start to summer." After seeing Girl Talk once, Katie and Elaine would totally go again. Fun night with Fun friends!


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