Thursday, January 5, 2012

Our First Adventure!

Outing #1 was an absolute complete success! Tonight Katie and I went to Haiku, poetic food and art, in the Short North for one of our favorite foods - sushi. Before even arriving at the restaurant we had a pleasant surprise because Miss Anita Shankar decided to join.

Katie and I both ordered wine, riesling for Kaite and a malbec for myself. Anita went for something fun and got the champagne cocktail. We all tried it - pretty tasty (but STRONG)!! After ordering we went to the usual topic of conversation, reminiscing about our glory days at the University of Dayton. We talked out former roommates, places we lived, and how mild our alcohol consumption has become. Call us old ladies - but we are now very happy with our glasses of wine.

When the food arrived it was time to DIG IN! Katie ordered the dancing eel, Anita splurged and got both the sweet potato tempura and squash tempura, and I had the specialty spider roll. It was delicious and scrumptious, so we decided Haiku is definitely a place to revisit. Haiku has a patio, so this will definitely be somewhere you can find the three of us come summertime.

Check back next week when Katie and Elaine take Betty's!

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