Friday, January 13, 2012

Pin-ups and Cats

From the pin-up girls on the wall to the cat statues on top of the bar, Betty's was quite the experience. Joined this week by one of our favorite people, Gillian Curcio, Katie and Elaine took Betty's. We arrived and were seated at just the right time, because as soon as we did the place exploded with people and was jam packed!

This blog has been live for a little over a week now, and has already taken the internet like a whirlwind. Our many followers had lots of nice things to say about the Haiku post, but they wanted to hear more about the food. So here goes...

Betty's has a fairly large menu, filled with a variety of foods. They serve everything from soup and salad, to quesadillas, pasta, or sandwiches. Us girls started off the night with the Warm Three Mushroom Salad. We loved it, even Katie who just recently became ok with having mushrooms in her food. Before we could finish the salad our dinners were served! Katie got the Crab Cake Sandwich, crab cakes, shredded cabbage and carrots, red onion and jalapeno mayo in a grilled pita. Gillian ordered the Betty's Mac & Cheese, rotini pasta in a house made cheese sauce with poblano peppers, corn and red onions - it was delicious! I ordered the Chicken Tortilla Soup - Peppers, corn, tomatoes & chicken in a spicy tomato broth topped with sour cream, cheese and crispy tortilla strips. I also had a side of skillet green beans and corn. YUMMY!

After spending the night eating great food and catching up with friends, we took off for home. Betty's does not have many seats or tables, but it does have a fun bar. We decided when it comes to dinner, this is a great place for a small group of friends, but if we would have had any more than 3-4 would have been a pretty tight squeeze.  Spoiler alert - next week is restaurant week in Columbus so Katie and Elaine will be taking Martini. Check back to see how it goes!

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