Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Last Thursday night, Katie and Elaine ventured outside 43215 again to visit Rancho Alegre in Grandview. For those of you who don't already know, Elaine could live off Mexican food. Katie LOVES love, and Elaine LOVES Mexican.

Earlier in the night, Katie and Elaine went to CCAD to help critique student's projects in an advertising design class. Our co-worker, Josefa Spiess, is a professor there and asked us to come in to watch presentations and offer feedback. We didn't know what to expect coming into this situation, and were both pleasantly surprised at the level of work put into each project. The presentations lasted a couple hours, and because of this we were practically starved when we got to the restaurant.

For the second time on this whirlwind blog tour we were joined by co-worker Kate Rohrer, but as an added bonus Mike and Maddie (super cute baby in the pictures above) decided to tag along as well. As with any good Mexican restaurant, we sat down to hot chips and salsa. In my opinion as a Mexican restaurant connoisseur - if they don't give you free chips and salsa it's not worth coming back. When it came time to order I went with my usual, some sort of fajitas - in this case veggie fajitas. And as always, what's Mexican food without a Diet Coke? Katie and Kate ordered chicken quesadillas, and Mike ordered a burrito. Side note Mike can not have dairy, so he asked specifically for no sour cream and no cheese.

Well... when it came time for our food to arrive everyone's looked great except for that Mike's burrito was covered in cheese! The waiter tried to argue that he asked for no sour cream or SALSA, which didn't make sense since we were all sitting waiting chomping on chips and SALSA the entire time. Who eats salsa with their chips then magically decides they don't want it on their meal? (Answer - no one.)

After a short argument, the waiter took Mike's burrito back and returned with a new one - minus the cheese of course. Although we had this little hiccup, Rancho Alegre is delicious and will be going back whenever possible. We weren't in a drinking mood that night, but if we had been - Rancho Alegre is known for their delicious margarita's.

Katie and Elaine are looking for a Columbus hot spot to visit this week week for Leap Year - let us know your suggestions!

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