Thursday, March 1, 2012

An Extra Day for Sushi & Wine

For Leap Day this year Katie and Elaine took Columbus at Sushi Rock. After eating at both Haiku and Sushi Rock, we were torn as to which restaurant we like better. Haiku definitely has a more laid back atmosphere, where Sushi Rock plays loud music and has the lights turned down to set the mood. While both have delicious sushi, so far Katie and Elaine have both craved sushi from Sushi Rock but not from Haiku.

When we arrived there was a 35 minute wait for a table, but we could sit down immediately at the sushi bar - so obviously we sat at the sushi bar. It was really cool because you could see the sushi chefs making their creations right in front of you. When we commented on how sweet it was to watch them make the sushi, the chef closest shot us a really strange look - therefore we decided to not talk about him again until he walked away.

Although it was only Wednesday it had already been a long week at work, so we ordered wine. The usual Malbec for Elaine and Reisling for Katie. Being creatures of habit, we also got our usual order of sushi. The Spider roll for Elaine: soft shell crab, crabstick, cucumber, broccoli & spicy mayo sauce, and the Crazy Roll for Katie: deep fried unagi, avocado, masago, cream cheese. One thing to point out about Sushi Rock's menu is that they divide the sushi by raw, cooked or tempura rolls. Katie is very adventurous when it comes to her sushi, but I prefer only cooked therefore it was really nice to know exactly what I was eating.

This was our first outing just the two of us, and it was the perfect night. Just a couple gals after a hard days work getting some sushi and drinks. Katie and Elaine won't be taking Columbus next week because Katie will be on vacation in DISNEY WORLD! It's sad we won't be able to blog, but she is going to a magical place. See you in 2 weeks!

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