Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The LAB Open House

As most of our loyal followers know, Katie and Elaine work at Victoria's Secret home office. Being part of such a large company we have to work with many outside vendors - last week one of them had an open house for their new space in Columbus. Many of our co-workers joined in the festivities, including Melyssa Kirn, Erin Masur, Sara Kreinberg, Jackie Wessel and Emmie Graham.

The Lab is one of the numerous retouching companies we work with on a daily basis. The people are great and they do fantastic work! Their new space is super cool, kind of like an old airplane hanger that they spruced up to look very modern chic.

We ate mini-sandwiches of all kinds, had wayyyyyy too much spicy shrimp, and devoured our mini-cheesecakes. The party was one of the first weeks of March, but because of how beautiful the weather in Ohio has been lately (THANK YOU GLOBAL WARMING) we were able to sit on their patio. We drank wine, did some mingling, and had DELICIOUS food. Next time we need a caterer we are calling our LAB contacts to see who they had because it was fantastic.

Hey LAB let's have another party - this one was super fun!

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